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News: Always make sure the engineer doing any gas work is on the register. Good news is, our Engineer Karl is. When carrying out any gas work on your home you can ask to see his photo ID card. He will be happy to show you, even though he doesnt like the photo! But does anyone look good on photo ID?!

News: According to new research most UK homeowners are worried about turning on their heating this winter. Yet, alarmingly, only a few have taken steps to ensure their system is healthy enough to safely and cost-effectively keep their home warm when the winter temperatures set in. According to the survey of 2,000 UK homeowners, the onset of winter is causing more than half (55%) of households to worry about cranking up the thermostat and 41% are fearful of how much keeping warm is going to cost them! 

Only 15% will be switching it on with confidence after having their system checked by a professional installer, however. More than a third (38%) admit they haven’t had their boiler serviced in preparation for the season’s ‘switch on’. 

Don't get caught out this winter! Call now for advice or to discuss getting your Gas or Oil system checked, so you can turn on with confidence! 07714004676


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Yearly Boiler Servicing

Just like your car needing an MOT your boiler also requires a yearly inspection to make sure everything is in good working order and operates safely. This is also required to keep up with any Warranty that may still be in place on your current system.

Call now for an appointment.


Cold spots on radiators? Noisy Boiler? This could be a sign that there is a blockage or excessive build up of sludge in the system. Not only will this reduce the life span of your boiler it can also increase your fuel bills. Your system could benefit from a chemical Flush. Call now to discuss. 

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